Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Street Fashion

what can you interpret from street fashion? someone who is dressed up with chaos and wandering in the street? totaly wong! street fashion is someone who has a taste of high fashion, at least that I think. they can explore their talents in playing the fashion, they are an inspiration to many people in fashion, do not underestimate them! many famous artists and world models inspired them. I know in a fashion that there are western and asian street fashion. These are a few examples and let us see the differences

western street style
most of them are in Europe, they play a lot of scarf blouse and cap, because they realize they are easy to climate change, less color is played here, most fans of the teen to middle age

asian street style
I really like their style, centered in the city of Japan, there is a name that is harajuku area, there many people looks unique, there's that resemble anime characters, game characters, comic characters, and other
Mix and match may be the right word for them, for men will look manly, and look cute for a woman, the game of colors are very bold, but still draw attention to the view

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