Friday, July 2, 2010

my first post for my moma GAGA

Hi everybody, this is my first post, here my super major inspirator my Stefani Joanne Germanotta as well as we know as Lady Gaga, i love her fashion, this is one of her style on "Heathrow" check this out

of course we will not use the clothes to get around the city like gaga, but at least if we want to look like her we must have some following this stuffs check it

Wolford tight pantie - Liberty
Black transparent tights with push-up effect for the bottom and shaping panty down to the thigh area. Made with luxurious synergy yarn with a subtle pearly shimmer which makes legs appear slimmer

Gulabba Heels - Carpenter UK
maybe we need a little bit careful when walking, because it is very troublesome heels, of course not be a problem if we want the total time looking like GaGa

Sunglasses - Minimarket
Expensive, Fashion Feature, Plastic, will look cool when using

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